Statistics Finland's open publication archive Otos contains statistical publications published in the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) series, Statistics Finland's other publications and background material related to statistics. The collection grows continuously.

The OSF series uses statistics to describe the state and development of our society from the 1860s until today. All Statistical Yearbooks of Finland are also available in the publication archive.

Otos replaces Statistics Finland's previously used Doria publication archive.



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Statistical Yearbook of Finland

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland published since 1879 contains key statistical data on Finland and comparison data on other countries.

Statistical publications

Statistics Finland’s statistical publications and other statistical publications published in the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) series. The oldest publications date back to the 19th century.


Classifications maintained and published by Statistics Finland. Most classifications are based on international standards.

Other publications

Background material related to statistics compilation and other than actual statistical publications.

Recent Submissions

Household Production and Consumption in Finland 2001 : Household Satellite Account
(Tilastokeskus, 2006) Varjonen, Johanna; Aalto, Kristiina
Participation in adult education and training in Finland : Adult Education Survey 2000
(Statistics Finland, 2000) Blomqvist, Irja; Ruuskanen, Timo; Niemi, Helena; Nyyssönen, Eeva
Social Capital Finland : Statistical Review
(Tilastokeskus, 2006) Iisakka, Laura